Worth the wait


By Davina Richards

Bev and Graeme Hulston have been living in their West Melton home for the past 10 years and the renovation of their home is a gradual process, created on the genuine grounds of how much they value peace and quiet in a family home.

The house was built 14 years ago on 120 acres of land; although still modern it had no lure or definition inside its solid and stable structure.

They began developing ideas two years ago and with the help of an interior designer were able to turn ideas into reality.

“We like to make life easy for ourselves. Our design is easy on the eye and is practical for the purpose intended; we have a lot of family who visit us,” Bev says.

“It’s very peaceful and quiet which is important. You don’t hear the buzzing of neighbours or look outside the windows to see other people’s rooftops. It’s very much a family home where everyone can enjoy quality time together, enjoy the setting and relax.”

This modest Canterbury home holds its distinction because it has been designed to create a tranquil environment implemented by incorporating style and function with personality. It’s an attractive cocktail of modern meets traditional, with pieces of furniture thoughtfully placed around the home. This house is no longer a shell – it adopts warmth and depth which is reinforced by its fresh, graceful, interesting and homely elegance.

“I have learnt not to be too fussy. Often I’d buy things and it’d be too big for the space or it looks too dark or heavy. It’s just grand how having a designer has helped me to design, save time, and I can also source things a lot better especially since the earthquake where many shops have closed down.”

The kitchen, living room and dining room are in proportion and flow seamlessly into one another. Tying it all together are the soft furnishings and the natural light which pours through the room, drawing your eyes to the view of the beautiful back garden from the living room.

Many more memories are yet to be made in new spaces as the project continues to develop. Their combined imagination will continue to evolve the exterior with the next step being the landscaping.

“I have some ideas in place for the garden such as having a pergola, swings for the grandchildren and possibly a barbecue area. I’ll be using a landscape designer because they’re up-to-date with new varieties of plants and understand what grows best in our soil. It’s just a good way of making the most of the space in a practical way, open it up and make most of the views.”

This renovation is not about value in an investment; it’s about the value for the future of their family.

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