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Images by Mark Smith

This four bedroom family home, over looking Cox’s Bay and the western reaches of the Waitemata Harbour, sits among an eclectic collection of properties on a quiet suburban street.

The house has been designed to replace a small and ramshackle house whose previous owner had covered almost the entire site in concrete. The new design sought to establish an interesting connection between architecture and landscape through a series of courtyards, lush gardens and an integrated approach to the formal qualities of the architecture and landscape design.

The sculptural main form twists and ramps-up from the discrete street frontage over a cluster of organic ‘pod’ forms containing bedrooms, a lounge and kitchen. The main living spaces and circulation areas are seemingly held between these pod forms, giving a relaxed air and fluidity to the spaces. Dark timbers and terracotta combine with ramping floors, sunken seating areas and hidden doors to offer a rich, playful interior.

The home also features extensive built-in furniture, shelving units and a sculptural cantilevered staircase. Stretching out along the narrow site and opening onto a series of intimate courtyards, the house stops short of the sea to form a private waterside oasis.

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