Winter warmers

By Davina Richards

Looking for real comfort?
Our emotions and mental health is influenced by our living spaces, so why not make the best of the impending winter season and accessorise with soft knitted furnishings to cushion the blow, so to speak.

Whether you’re a fan of knitting or crochet, the art has been a labour of love for decades. There’s a whole spectrum of designs in a range of thickness and texture to provide that luxurious touch.

You’ll find everything from cosy oversized throw blankets, hot water bottle covers to clocks and cat beds. There’s something for every part of your home, even the ones you never would have thought of.

Forget what’s happening on the other side of your front door and raise the temperature in your winter nest which stirs up a warm winter storm all on its own.




Throw blanket

It’s almost criminal that any home can go without some sort of knitted accessory. A knitted throw not only comes in handy during the colder months, but choosing the right one looks fabulous all year round. A good throw should never be hidden away, so drape it lovingly over your sofa or at the end of your bed. Available in charcoal, ivory cream, natural fawn, light grey and dark grey.

RRP: $350 pp (delivery to Christchurch is $15)
Available from:




Casual comfort

Bean bag
Sometimes you just can’t beat blobbing out in a bean bag. Handmade with the finest New Zealand wool and hand knitted in Nepal, this beautiful example comes in white, light grey and brown colours. I imagine just sitting in it is like one big bear hug. Great for children and big kids love it too!

RRP: $885 (Size: 90 x 135 x 90cm)
Available from:




Hands over

You can’t exactly snuggle up to this delightful furniture piece; well you could, I guess, but this knitted clock is destined to transform a cold wall. Italian designer Carlo Tamborini has been busy designing lights and interior furnishings for Kartell, Diamantini & Domeniconi, MOS and Coro, and this fully functioning cotton clock from the Gomitolo Collection is just one of them.

RRP: $538
Available from: or:




Unexpected colour

Covered vase – neon base
Your vases need some knitted TLC too. Raw and organic, this crochet jute sleeve turns dull areas into an eye catching corner with a pop of colour. The sleeve includes the glass insert and you can use it as a pencil holder, organiser or vase. Adorn your home with three colour options: neon pink, neon lime and neon orange.

RRP: $43 (Each pot is 7.5cm wide and 10.5cm high)
Available from:




If it fits, I sit

Cat bed
It’s a hard life for felines and sometimes we wish we were one of them, because if I was a cat I could sleep for 13 – 16 hours, roam in mysterious places and enjoy endless entertainment by chasing my own tail. And if I was a cat I would sleep in this oversized crochet cat bed. And purr. A lot!

RRP: $95.10
Available from:




Stretch yourself

Floor rug/bath mat
Walking bare foot on cold hard floors in winter is enough to make you do crazy eye movements and scrunch your face up like you’ve gobbled a handful of Haribo sours. An expression which when it happens to a baby, is hilarious, but it’s no laughing matter when it happens to you at home. Lay down this soft rug for your tootsies to dig into.

RRP: $93.23

Available from:




Fresh faces

Face cloth
A little luxury for your bathroom and a gentle way to wash your face, these hand knitted Alba Rosa cotton and bamboo facecloths are made in Christchurch and are machine washable. Available in mint green, natural and soft brown, there’s a colour to suit
any bathroom.

RRP: $8.50
Available from:



A little hottie

Hot water bottle
This hot water bottle is well dressed to keep you warm this season and there’s just something very homely about it. Keep it on stand by for those aches and pains or tuck it under the duvet cover to keep your bed warm before climbing into it. It’s the seasonal choice of accessory!

RRP: $39.90
Available from:




Stitch off

Glück pendant
Knitted furniture is underrated. This crochet pendant brings warmth and texture, and possesses a charm which can lack in many hard furniture pieces. Knitting expert Naomi Paul is just one of the creatives who appreciates sustainability and indulges in the beauty of pulling yarn through loops using materials from the fashion industry.

RRP: Prices start from $2,017
Available from:

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