The Winter Home


It’s cold outside; if you’re lucky, you’re sitting by a fire or maybe you have a hot chocolate and a cuddly blanket over your knee, making now the perfect time to pull out an over-full drawer or storage box and have a sort out!

Winter is the season for cosying up at home, but it’s not so relaxing if the place is a shambles. 

It’s surprising how satisfying it is to sort out one little thing at a time and before you know it, you have a tidy, spacious home just waiting for some interesting accents and personality. 

Keeping your house warm and dry is a priority of course. We all know insulation is important, but also curtains can be massively improved with an extra lining. 

You can get bumph lining fabric, which is similar to a quilt inner layer and this can be hung between the curtain fabric and the lining for the winter months. I have also seen recycled woollen blankets used in the same way and they worked really well. 

If possible, avoid drying clothes on a rack inside the home as the moisture released can cause dampness problems. On the nicer winter days remember to open windows and get air moving through, this will help with any excess moisture as well. 

Now, to make your home feel inviting and a place you want to be. 

Have you ever noticed when you’re in a fancy hotel or restaurant with a darker colour, it feels much more luxurious and art and furniture look amazing? 

It’s the same in your home – the trend seems to be all white for interiors, but if one area or perhaps a media room is painted a darker colour, it instantly seems more dramatic and edgy. 

Even a small space like a study can be transformed if the walls are darker making the windows, shelving and desk pop. 

It will make you notice the furniture and accessories much more and doesn’t close the space in, rather it defines it. 

There are some beautiful moody shades available that are also soft and sultry. A couple of my favourites are Resene Half Fuscous Grey and Resene Wolverine. 

You don’t even need to paint a whole wall, it’s very effective to mask out a strip or a rectangle, paint the area with a small roller and let it set off a print or artwork. 

The simplest of changes can make all the difference. 

Texture layers add interest to a monotone colour scheme. Rugs can frame a seated area and throws and cushions add depth. 

Lighting can be softened with dimmers, and fairy lights and filament bulbs add interest. Free standing up lighters and task lights are also very effective. 

Your home is all about making you feel relaxed and happy. Make the most of it and enjoy! 

Article provided by Jackie Nicholls of House On The Hill Design. 

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