The Trick to Decluttering




The process of moving house can be difficult. Sometimes it is driven by requirement or necessity, rather than because you really want to move out of your family home. 

The stages you go through leading up to and during the move can be unfamiliar, they can be daunting, and they can increase stress.

We began our business, Senior Move Managers, in March 2016 with the intention to help make this major life change less major. We reduce the burden on you when moving, but also help you in the months before moving. We also aim to help you understand what steps you can take which may make staying in your home another option.

Decluttering is the biggest thing you can implement – it is a process which doesn’t need to be difficult and doesn’t need to be a back breaker (sometimes, literally).

Although it can be a major project, especially if you’ve been living in a property for 30 or more years and you’ve accumulated a lifetime worth of trinkets and keepsakes, there are steps to help maximise your efforts and also minimise the chaotic workload.

We have found the process to be manageable if you can put these steps into place. Difficulty and stress can certainly all be reduced by being methodical and working with intent.

Here are our top five tips when decluttering:

1. Put a plan in place

As mentioned above, the process becomes a lot easier if you have an idea of what you would like to achieve, and by when. Abraham Lincoln said, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend six of those hours sharpening my axe”.


2. Make a start 

Like cleaning the house – once the process is underway, it begins to flow and you get into the motions.


3. One thing at a time

Take things one room at a time, sometimes even one item at a time. Once you’ve got underway, you will begin to notice gradual changes. All of these small gradual changes end up becoming one large change. By following your plan, you will quickly begin to notice the effort put in.


4. Organise items into categories

Donating items to charities or community groups you are affiliated with is a great idea. Assemble these items together and organise them to be collected. Organise rubbish in the same manner and have it all collected or hire a trailer to take it to the refuse station – recycling is always high on our list!


5. Lean on friends and family

If you have support networks, use them. Many hands make light work. Just be cautious of others trying to take control. We provide support to seniors through the transition of relocating home, either downsizing or into a retirement village.

A difficult time, not only physically, but also emotionally, Senior Move Managers aim to reduce this burden. Packing boxes, laying new carpet, setting up your new home, whatever it is, no matter how big or small we are your personal assistants throughout your move.


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