Cosydome-Image-copyAn invention which will prevent heat escaping through ceiling downlights, while still ensuring maximum insulation in the roof space, is set to save home owners hundreds of dollars a year on power bills.

Paul Hill came up with the idea for the Cosydome while crawling around in his roof space insulating his ceiling.

“I noticed two things. Firstly there was a huge amount of heat escaping into the roof through the chimney effect of ceiling downlights, even when they weren’t on. And secondly, the amount of space I had to keep the insulation away from the downlights due to the fire risk was negating the effectiveness of the insulation I was putting in.”

Tony Sandes, a former business associate and now a director of Cosy Dome, had noticed the same problem and encouraged Hill, an engineering technician and draughtsman, to come up with a solution. Together they developed the Cosydome into the innovative product it is.

Hill says the driver to come up with a solution to the problem wasn’t just about heat loss.

“In Australia they had a huge problem with house fires being caused by ceiling lights causing the building elements to catch fire – it was a huge safety issue. Their solution was to come up with an industry standard requiring insulation to be set back a certain distance from the light source, but this nullified, or certainly reduced, the effectiveness of any insulation.”

Hill’s solution was to develop a heat sensitive valve (Dynamic Barrier) over the top of the cap, which would open up at a designated temperature, to ensure the cavity inside the dome didn’t reach temperatures which were detrimental to the bulb life. It would then close again when the temperature dropped when the light was switched off, preventing heat loss from the room below.

The Dynamic Barrier opens at temperatures above 40 deg C, so the room stays warm, the light stays cool and the home owner can feel safe in the knowledge that their ceiling insulation is isolated from the heat generated from the lamp (up to 300 deg C).

Hill says the heat loss issue has arisen during the last few decades as the downlight grew in popularity.

“Our New Zealand insulation standard shows that a 10 sqm room with four regular downlights results in a 46 percent loss in the effectiveness of the insulation,” Hill says.

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