The real woodsmen


Pinewood Homes are the true specialists in sustainable solid timber construction and since 1985 the company has designed and built several hundred homes throughout New Zealand, always conforming to exacting Pinewood standards.
Toby and Mark, sons of founder Steve Robertson, represent the second generation of the family carrying the torch for a truly sustainable building alternative.

Although there are five architecturally designed Pinewood concepts on the website, ranging from the ultra spacious Marco Polo to the more modest Edward Eyre models, more often than not the professional drawings and floor plans primarily serve as a starting point for any prospective new home purchaser.

“Pretty much all of our builds start with concept ideas, but then often modifications come. Bespoke design elements are incorporated – perhaps for utilising specific amenities, maximising natural light, aspect or elevation. It is pretty rare for a set plan or concept to suit many different sections.

“There are so many variables when building, we factor these in, then we have usually arrived at a bespoke design, entirely unique to that customer.”

But no amount of prose can do justice to the real Pinewood Homes experience, which is why Toby and Mark are encouraging everyone to come and view, touch and smell the real deal at the brand new home on display at 6 Winfield Drive, Wigram Skies, Christchurch.

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