The best repair investment you can make


If there’s only one improvement you make during repairs on your earthquake damaged house, choose to install wall insulation.

It will make your house much warmer and can pay for itself in reduced heating bills and a higher price when selling.

Insulation specialist and one of Christchurch’s biggest retrofit installers, the Community Energy Action Charitable Trust, can now install wall insulation during your repairs.

The trust has nearly 20 years of industry experience, including retrofitting wall insulation. Since mid 2012 it has installed insulation in the damaged walls of several homes which needed repairing.

“Of all the potential improvements to Christchurch homes that are being repaired, we believe the greatest opportunity lies in installing wall insulation,” says Nick Collins, CEO from Beacon Pathway, an incorporated society that aims to improve New Zealand’s cold and damp housing stock.

Beacon Pathway is conducting the ‘Build Back Smarter’ pilot project in which energy efficiency and other measures are retrofitted during earthquake repairs.

“We thought it was a no brainer to put in wall insulation,” says David, owner of a Huntsbury home that was repaired last year. “It seemed ludicrous to take all those linings down and then not put any insulation in.”

Added to a mortgage it will, in most cases, be a couple of dollars a week and this can be offset by lower heating bills. Low income households may qualify for an extra grant.

“We have noticed the difference in how the house holds the heat,” David adds. “To keep warm in the lounge we always had to pull the sliding door to the kitchen / dining area closed. Now we can keep it open. And going to the unheated bedrooms upstairs it used to be quite cold. Now it doesn’t have that sting of cold anymore.”

For more information and a free, no obligation quote, contact Community Energy Action Charitable Trust on 374 7222 or 0800 GET WARM (0800 438 9276) or visit:

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