Smart Storage Solutions

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It’s always amazing how much one can accumulate over the course of their lives. 

If you have the right storage in place you don’t tend to notice it, but if you don’t, your home can quickly turn into a jungle of knick-knacks.

Thankfully storage doesn’t have to be a cardboard box under your bed, or a clunky shelf taking up space in your living room – smart storage is all about looking for space that isn’t utilised in your home and using it. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.


It’s easy to come across children’s beds with built in drawers underneath, or a pull out trundle bed for sleepovers, but we often forget that master bedrooms could use the extra storage sometimes as well. This queen size bed is not only elegant but is well-designed and practical. The underneath storage is great for extra blankets, cushions or even shoes.

A headboard with built in shelves is another great way to organise some of your belongings, perfect for storing books, photos or trinkets from the kids.

Ample storage is attainable in any space, it just requires you to get a bit more creative and find smart solutions for those wasted spaces – you’ll have your home looking de-cluttered in no time.


These cupboards define space-saving. That small unused space beside the fridge or the oven can become the ideal location to store your oils and herbs as well as that sneaky bottle of wine. Most joiners and cabinet-makers can create these to fit any nook, alternatively there is an array of DIY videos that are quick and easy if you’re feeling creative and want to knock out those labour costs.

The living room

Limited space shouldn’t mean limiting guests. Kovaks Design Furniture has taken that into consideration when designing the OT9 Humpty. What is typically wasted space under your coffee table has become the ultimate place to store extra seating, it also adds a brilliant splash of colour to light up your living room. This particular product comes in two sizes, so go to for more information.

You know that blank wall behind your TV – often people will choose smaller slim-line entertainment units for a small space which look the part, but leave copious amounts of unused space surrounding it. Develop that space into extra shelving or cupboards. In smaller spaces opt for fauxdenzas as they are sleek and don’t overpower the living space.


By Natalia Rietveld 


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