Seeing No Evil



Would you consider getting a house inspector in before undertaking any renovations? 

No? Well you’re not alone. But it could in fact save you a lot of money, because unless you have been keeping on top of house maintenance you could uncover some rather unpleasant surprises.

Considering the large investment involved in owning a home, we, as New Zealanders, are terrible at maintaining them – and that’s putting it nicely.

According to the BRANZ 2010 House Survey, there was a large disparity between the occupiers’ view on the condition of their home compared to the actual condition of the home.

It said, “The householder perceived the condition of the property to be significantly better than the BRANZ assessors”.

For owner-occupiers; more than 70 percent believed their homes to be in good condition when in fact BRANZ assessors only put 42 percent in that category. For renters; approximately 80 percent of participants believed their homes were in good condition and BRANZ found only 22 percent were.

Realsure director Sarah Symon cannot stress these facts enough. She is desperate for people to understand the importance of maintaining their homes and to have accredited building surveyors to assess exactly where their home stands.


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