Second nature


By Davina Richards

Many designers profess that the elegant black and white combination is the faithful colour scheme to get that clean cut look. It’s timeless, bold and will dress up any dead space with a touch of class.



message in a bottle

1. Message on a bottle
Ceramic milk bottle
The days of fresh milk delivered to your door may be over, but the old school milk bottles we adore still have a place in our homes. These stamped XOX milk bottles can be used for drinks, an ornament or vase, or placed on the table to serve delicious sauces.
RRP: $33
Available from:

fillitup2. Fill it up
Contemporary and classic, the Krenit bowl is the perfect addition to complement your black and white theme. Serve delicious food in this modern and sharp design. Go on, grab yourself some ice cream and don’t be afraid to top it off with Oreos!
RRP: large bowl $264
Available from:


3. Cosy up

Lounging around is always more comfortable when you have a few scattered cushions to enhance the cosiness of your sofa. Thanks to a team of three creative sisters which make up MayMay Chung, here’s one of many quirky products on offer from their online store. Whether you require one to prop you up when reading a book, watching TV or just a place to rest your weary head, you’ve spent money in the right direction.
RRP: $129
Available from:


4. Just in time  

Table clock
We never seem to get enough time. It can be our friend or it can be our foe, but however you choose to use it, whether it’s to renew that gym membership, you’re never going to use again, or waste the extra hour of daylight savings by trying to work out if you gained an hour, remember that lost time is never found again – Benjamin Franklin.
RRP: $299
Available from:


defyinggravity5. Defying gravity
Sky planter
I haven’t seen the film Gravity yet but when I picture what it may look like inside the space station, I envisage everything to be white but even if your walls at home aren’t you should think about including this awesome upside down planter. They make a statement all by their little pretty selves.
RRP: mini $39 small $49 and medium $99
Available from:




6. Light forms

Lounge chair and side table
Squint your eyes and the chair appears to morph into two Pringles; you probably shouldn’t try and bite into it, but you should certainly try it out for comfort. The sensational design of the Dansk chair beckons you into a state of bliss.
RRP: Lounge chair $3,540, side table $1,570
Available from:




Inspiration for the wall

Canvas quote
We amuse ourselves endlessly with those Somecards sayings we’ve been reading on the likes of Facebook and chain emails in the office; yes, you know the ones. Just as we love to share laughter, inspiration can also be equally infectious and these canvas quotes are just the tools for the job – even if it is to get through a day at the office.
RRP: $40.38
Available from:



Under your feet

I’d like to say that I spent hours looking through pages and pages to carefully select this product, until I realised that anything chosen from Boconcept’s collection just works. So I won’t fluff around citing wonderful purchase points – just trust
that there’s quality and design behind the chosen one.
RRP: 170x240cm $1,395, 200x300cm $1,995
Available from:





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