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Getting your window treatments right can make or break an interior space. 

Believe it or not, this is a very important part of the interior, especially for a new build, as you may be wanting to automate blinds and stack drapes back onto bare walls to leave the window clear of drapery.

These are only a few reasons why getting an interior designer involved in your project early is well worth the investment.

Here are our suggestions from the Frobisher team on window treatments:

We love fabrics at Frobisher! Select a plain fabric, rather than a patterned fabric – reduces any wastage in terms of the pattern repeat.

Continuous fabric comes on a roll which is usually 3m wide, and is exactly how it sounds. It is seamless and eliminates any wastage as you only buy what is required.

Carefully consider the type of curtain heading you want as this can change the overall look of a curtain, how the curtain falls and the fullness of the curtains. Some heading types need much more fabric than others to create the desired look. Talk to your designer about the various heading types.

Consider adding trim embellishments on a more cost-effective fabric to give the ‘wow’ factor and personalise your look, such as leather strips or beading.

Roman blinds look great on smaller windows, as they require less fabric and lining.

Select a more economical fabric very carefully – and then invest in a high end making service – a very experienced sewer can make a cost effective fabric look amazing

Buy plain curtain tracks instead of ornate timber/metal rods and finials.

Roller blinds/pleated blinds are a simple and stylish way to dress a window. Styling can be consistent throughout your home. You can now choose a blind that has a fabric “look and texture” to it if you prefer and these are available in a huge range of colours. Roller blinds can be manually operated or automated.

Timber shutters again look beautiful, are practical and durable. When closed, they provide effective heat and noise insulation.

Timber venetian blinds giveyour home a relaxed ambiance and don’t appear to date. They can be either painted or natural wood stains.

Pleated blinds are made from a special fabric that has a metalised backing for superior insulation and gives a crisp ;tailored look. Available in sheer or opaque fabric, or combine two choices for a day/night solution.

There is a huge variety of fabrics, choices, styles and budgets to consider which can often be overwhelming and costly mistakes can be made very easily.

Knowledge is power, so speak with your interior designer – they will be able to help you make the perfect choice for you and your budget.

Here at Frobisher we have access to hundreds of international and local suppliers in order to secure the best window treatments to suit your personal style and we work with the best workrooms and installers nationwide.


By Ann-Marie Appleton – director of interior design company Frobisher Interiors. She holds a diploma in interior design and is a member of DINZ. Visit


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