Reviving your outdoor oasis

By Davina Richards

With winter’s chill making way for summer’s greener hues, it’s now the perfect time to resurrect your once loved patio, readying it for an influx of good friends, family and food.

So here are a few simple steps to return your patio to its former glory and into your perfect, private summer escape spot.

• Bring the inside out – like how every room inside your home has a personal touch, style your patio to match your outdoor space. This reinforces the seamless flow of your home and creates a sense of cosiness. Bring out potted plants, throws, cushions, candles, lanterns and rugs, and framed pictures to give your space an attractive lift and character

• Host an occasion without having to walk the length of one side of Hagley Park to get to the party by keeping tables and chairs in a space closer to where you are likely to serve food and drinks. An easy flow makes hosting simple and not an embarrassing story to tell later on

• Make sure you have sufficient tables, chairs, benches and storage, to ensure everyone has a place and will make serving much easier

• The outside area needs to be able to cater for different occasions. Incorporating elements such as lighting, plants and space for entertainment, will set the tone in whatever way you like. Think usability and being multi-functional at all times

• Rain or shine Mother Nature can turn at any time, so it’s a good idea to prepare your outdoor space for the worst, as well as the best of weather. Integrate a screen or roof for overhead protection and use waterproof covers to protect furniture which tackle the issue of mildew, dirt and fading. When the party’s over, bring furniture inside to a suitable clean and dry area to keep it looking newer for longer

• Gardens which include concrete areas don’t have to be boring. Stone paving comes in different shapes, sizes and natural colours so don’t be afraid to play around. To break up concrete areas and add texture to your landscape why not add gravel

• Soften areas by planting trees, plants and hedges, and use fences or walls to create privacy. Hang up lightweight fabrics as an alternative way of breaking up space; blocks of walls and fences can make spaces feel small, whereas fabrics create a feeling of openness whilst still separating areas


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