Power to the People


Plummeting costs of solar installation, buying the power generated from a solar system on your roof without any capital, lease to own schemes and low interest loans for solar systems, mean that today, anyone with an electricity bill can get solar on their roof.

The result is solar systems are available to a wider spectrum of householders than ever before.

Studies conducted last year by Otago University show that lower income households intend to purchase solar in the future as financial barriers lower, although historically solar customers have been wealthier.

Sustainable Electricity Association (SEANZ) chairman, Brendan Winitana says “Solar has the ability to be a great leveller in society bringing low cost electricity to the masses.

“The solar industry is responding to rising consumer demand for low cost renewable electricity and all New Zealanders can be part of that that growth.

“The solar industry is responding to rising consumer demand for low cost renewable electricity and all New Zealanders can be part of that that growth.”

“The solar industry is committed to ensuring that a 21st century grid is affordable and fit for purpose, but the large utilities need to rethink what value they offer consumers if they are to survive. For them it’s about retaining customers in the face of increased competition and a forecast decreasing electricity demand.

“Consumers are moving to solar because it offers specific values that many traditional power companies cannot and that will continue unless those power companies respond to consumer demand.”

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