Playing with Fire



By Natalia Rietveld

Now that’s it’s chilling off it’s time to warm up. Rather than spending your nights in front of ‘the box’ why not cuddle around an outdoor fire and let the conversations start flowing?

A brazier is simple way to get that outdoor fire you’ve been dreaming of without having to disrupt your landscape.

The benefits of a brazier are that you can move it as it suits, if it’s a little windy it can be moved to a more sheltered area or be taken out into the open to enjoy those beautiful clear starry nights.

In this examples from Broadway Sheet Metals a really simple set up placed in front of a stunning view to stay warm while watching the sunset creates, an evening dreams are made of. Each and every brazier can be personalised by simply changing up your seating.




This little gem was created by mother of two Sasha Smith. She has sectioned off an area to the side and out of the wind.

She has edged the area with large river stones and filled it in with Grey Rounds. The fire pit can be created using chicken wire doubled up for strength or any leftover fencing you have lying around, fill it up with a stone of your choice.

Make sure the wire is deep enough in the ground to keep it standing strong. Be sure to leave some gaps to allow the fire to breath. Such a simple idea can really shape your outdoor area and give you a space to socialise with friends and family alike.

There are a lot of Youtube tutorials on how to create this look. Often created with leftover or damaged pavers/bricks as chipped corners aren’t an issue when creating this fire, and can be easily hidden.

There is a little bit more work to it than just placing a brazier but if it’s a permanent fixture you’re after this is one of the cheaper ways to go.

Be smart with your location choice, you don’t want something that is continuously exposed to the elements leaving it unusable 99 percent of the time. This particular fire is popular in a more rural setting depending on your seating choice can have a really nice rustic feel.


A job for the professionals

This beautiful table top fire is sure to impress. Just the right size to fit into those cosy little nooks with added the practicality of a tabletop.

These fires are typically gas operated with the option of LPG or natural gas, eliminating the slow start that is typical of wood burners. A one-touch ignition and you can have a mesmerising, warm fire in a flash. Similar models can be found from your local hardware and garden stores.

This is a fire with a purpose. An outdoor pizza oven not only warms the toes but it doubles as a way to entertain your guests.

Pizza is quick and easy to make for a large gathering and made in a genuine pizza oven with that subtle smokey flavor leaves your mouth watering at the thought. Free-standing pizza ovens can be bought from most hardware stores.

For a more permanent fixture contact a local residential stone mason, if you have the design in your mind they can whip something up in no time.

Pictured is Riverlea Group’s Buschbeck pizza oven which is available at most Mitre 10 Mega outlets, BBQ Direct and Placemakers in Riccarton. With this set-up you’ll be wanting to entertain every night of the week.

This is an entertainers dream and the perfect example of how to turn a simple outdoor area into a sumptuous space.

An outdoor fireplace creates a warm and inviting space for friends to gather for a relaxed evening. An outdoor fireplace can be inserted into a mantel of your choice to suit any setting.

Modern outdoor fireplaces are cleaner burning and produce a lot more heat than a typical open fire and gas options are available.


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