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  • June 30, 2014
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Nothing quite makes or breaks a property with as much ease as quality landscaping and let’s fact it – first impressions really do count.

According to Erik Ellis Landscapes’ managing director Dr Erik Ellis, the key to making the best first impression is locality. “Like real estate, it’s all about location, location, location – using the right plant in the right place. Keep it simple and add as you go while keeping to a consistent theme
“A good garden is one part plan, one part implementation and one part maintenance. The garden’s character develops with the maintenance and care it receives.”

Like many areas in life, planning is essential. “I always say to my clients the best money is spent on planning and getting good advice. With designing and creating gardens, getting it right is often not apparent for many years as plants take time to grow and mature.

“Don’t rush into things because it costs more financially and mentally to do the job twice when it could have been done right the first time.”

Gardens are so receptive to love and care Erik says, which makes them a great way to gain empowerment and positive change. “For many people their gardens have long been a place of refuge and are more so at this time than ever before. By gardening you can make changes and gain a feeling of progress and movement forward.

“By making changes in our gardens we can feel empowered and make change seem a good thing with much of what has happened recently out of our direct control.”

Carefully plan any changes you want to make and get some expert advice. “Getting professionals involved early for substantial change is the best money you can spend. Poor advice is always poor but good advice will save money in the long term.



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