Outer art

Whether your goal is to lounge, entertain, dine or simply to escape, the desire to mould our outdoor spaces to meet our wants and needs is an innate characteristic of the urban dweller.

With today’s access to a broad range of outdoor sculpture, we now have the ability to personalise our patios and porches to suit our personal pursuits.

Whether you like modern and minimalist or rustic and romantic, there are some stylish and funky pieces out there to suit your exterior space.

While you should always link the style of your exterior sculptures with the overall style of your house to create strong indoor, outdoor flow, the most important advice for your exterior décor is make it yours.

AIAGlogoInformation on sculptures available through Art in a Garden, an annual exhibition showcasing some of New Zealand’s talented artists and sculptors.

Art in a Garden 2013 Runs from the October 31st through to November 3rd.

For more information please visit: www.artinagarden.co.nz








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