Office Envy


By Davina Richards

Not everyone enjoys working in an office, but you’ll certainly love working in your creative space once you join forces with your imagination and run with ideas.

As more people work from home, whether because they run their own business or are freelancing, it is important to have a dedicated area where creativity can thrive, where you can organise and have head space so you can work hard and not be distracted.

The good news is you don’t need an entire room; small spaces can seamlessly blend in with your home. Think about spaces near a window, an empty closet, unused space under the stairs or just a spot in your home which looks like it’s missing something and all you need to do is re-imagine its space.

Storage is vital and a small office requires clever thinking.
How about using a sheet of pegboard; you’ll be amazed at how much storage you can get just by using a few hooks!

Enclose the area with screen dividers or curtains to add privacy to your space.

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