New Ideas for Outdoor Living


We’re told not to judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate its cover – and like the book cover for your property, there is much to enjoy in a home’s landscaping, even as a spectator.

Award winning in design, construction and horticulture, Artworks Landscape’s designs have traditionally been identifiable by their distinct cameo of classical, European, semi-formal gardens, but this doesn’t mean they’re cemented into this style of landscaping, says owner Ross Marriott.

Christchurch’s rebuild landscape has seen big anchor projects create new energy for living spaces and injected a new lease of life into landscape design.

Many of the style influences we love and know work well are being used but in different ways.

“It’s an exciting place, an inspiring new city. It’s the time for new ideas, new angles, and updated, improved versions of our landscapes,” Ross says.

This re-focusing of where and how we spend our time outdoors has seen dramatic changes in what people want and need from their outdoor living spaces.

“There certainly has been a shift to a strong emphasis on the entertaining space within the greater garden.

“We’ve been carrying out some great work to courtyards and entertaining spaces considering things like food prep, overhead structures for shade, plus heating, to name a few.”

Planting design is the icing on the cake and adds flavour, personality and warmth.

People often don’t realise the complexities of hard structural landscaping and what is required to navigate a project successfully to completion.

Clients of Artworks take great comfort in a skilled team of building experts, paving experts and horticultural experts who retain decade’s worth of knowledge in design and construction. Their maintenance team can then help guide your garden into the future.

Whatever your style, when your vision and their skills align the result is a truly magical space.

“We look to create spaces that have atmosphere and intimacy. You’ll enjoy your unique landscape from the inside as well as out. We want the landscape to complement the design of your home and bring it to life, something you’ll be truly proud of.”

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