By Rebecca Gordon

Surrounded by rural farmland, this house takes cues from its setting through its form and selection of natural materials.

Currently under construction, the house is situated a short drive from the rural township of Tai Tapu and offers dramatic views across the Canterbury Plains towards the Southern Alps.

The site is being extensively landscaped with various fruit and nut trees, vegetable gardens and even a chicken coup.

Within this landscaping the house is orientated around an axis of precast concrete panels that offer a sense of permanence and stability.

The house is divided into three separate modules which step down and around the site bounded by the concrete panels. They are connected through glazed links, patios, terraces and landscaping which enhance the connection to the outside, both visually and physically.

The stepped mono-pitch form is reminiscent of the surrounding lean-to farm structures and offers a sympathetic and connected relationship to the site.

The vertical metal profiled cladding impersonates the ever present use of corrugated iron in the surrounding rural structures.

The use of raw, natural materials further resonates with its rural setting. These materials include the precast concrete panels, polished concrete floors, plywood ceilings and extensive plywood joinery.

Through its materiality and form, the house sits sympathetically within its context and offers expansive views and connection to the land, making this a family home that is unique to its place.

Rebecca Gordon is an architectural graduate at Sheppard & Rout. Visit www.sheprout.com

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