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Asbestos management has become an ongoing problem in New Zealand and without the information and support we can offer, it may become a crisis.

Asbestos Assessors New Zealand (AANZ) was established to aid in the identification of asbestos via assessments and testing. Our detailed reports provide valuable information that can be used to safeguard workers and people in the vicinity of asbestos-containing materials. We are a New Zealand-based company dedicated to keeping you and your family safe.

The term asbestos refers to six naturally occurring fibrous minerals found in the veins of certain types of rocks. Though microscopic, the fibres are incredibly durable, fire resistant and immune to most chemical attacks.

Due to these qualities, asbestos has been used in building materials in New Zealand since the early twentieth century such as cement, boarding, soffits, stippled areas, claddings and many other commonly used building products. It is impossible to know whether or not materials contain asbestos without an assessment and subsequent asbestos testing being completed.

However, asbestos is only a hazard when in its raw form or when an asbestos-containing material is damaged. Once the asbestos fibres become friable, or are released into the air, they are easily inhaled and ingested and can make their way down the windpipe and into different areas of the lungs. The adverse effects of asbestos are linked to the amount of exposure and the length of time the person was exposed.

The issues of asbestos exposure throughout the country have been worrisome due to a lack of knowledge about this hazardous material. We provide information regarding possible locations of asbestos in your home, associated health risks, facts and figures and links to key sources of legal information about asbestos on our website.

If you are interested in finding out more about AANZ Canterbury or if you are concerned that you might have asbestos in your home, get in touch today for a special deal on our inspections by mentioning this article. Visit our website, www.asbestosassessors.co.nz, or give us a call on 0800 222 092.

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