Lock it in

When it comes down to it, it’s the ease and sophistication in the architecture of a home which makes it remarkable. And one place to find this is in a Lockwood home.

Lockwood designs are unmistakably its own and highlight the high level of expertise honed with its
network of qualified designers and builders.

The result is the breaking of a stereotype due to the wide range of design options available. To deliver an environmental house, we incorporate solar, passive and eco friendly features. But you also get the freedom to design, revise and complete your solid and safe timber home.

The devil is in the detail, as they say, with the end result, a tailor made home which matches your individual needs and finalised in immaculate and tangible Lockwood style.

Last April Callum Scurr became the new owner of the Lockwood Canterbury franchise and his father, Steve, is the builder and project manager. Backed by a strong team of dynamic, young and hardworking staff, the crew prides itself on their ability to communicate effectively with clients, particularly those who have endured the earthquakes, to deliver high-end homes and a positive image for the Canterbury Franchise.

Elderly Christchurch couple Joan and Rakena Rakena, now occupy a new home in Rapaki Bay, thanks to Lockwood Canterbury. The couple were living in a single garage tin shed and had been doing so since their house was demolished shortly after the earthquakes. Nestled into the hill and located in a quiet spot, their new house overlooks the stunning views of Lyttelton Harbour.

“We felt that we were honoured to get the contract and the trust from the family. They have had great support from their surrounding family members. They in turn have supported us with the build and the many decisions made,” Callum says. “The build itself created its own challenges, but the end result is one very happy couple and a modest little house that is perfect for the Rakena’s.”

Lockwood Canterbury was generous enough to add some extras, including decking and stone features. With a recognised and trusted company you will get more than what you expected. And because, owning a Lockwood, is kind of a big deal.

Stand back and marvel at your new Lockwood Home – its precious down to the grain.

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