Swannanoa couple Daniel and Michelle Power have gained a fresh insight into best management practices for their lifestyle block during a recent lifestyle block environment project run by the Waimakariri Zone Committee.

There are over 4,500 lifestyle blocks in the Waimakariri, and while they are not significant contributors to water quality issues in the area, collectively they do have an impact on the environment.

Daniel says they were pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the pilot project and would encourage other lifestyle block owners to join workshops planned for March/April 2018.

“It’s great to take the time to really look at what you’re doing and to have the opportunity to meet regularly with other lifestyle block owners. Even though we’re a small drop in the bucket, everything counts when it comes to the environment.”

Daniel and Michelle were reassured to discover that their regular soil testing programme is helping them to get the best use of their 20-acre block.

“Knowing that we’re on the right track is really helpful. It was also interesting to learn more about N-loss and irrigation.

“We were both surprised at how much we got out of it and we could easily keep going every week. Sharing knowledge is really the key to growing and developing new skills.”



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