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Buying in subdivisions has become a popular choice for homeowners enduring the Canterbury rebuild, and helping this growing demographic of proprietors to bring to life their dream homes is Christchurch-based Misco Joinery.

Having been in the trade for 30 years, Misco Joinery has come to understand that trends and techniques may change over time, but what is ultimately important to homeowners doesn’t: quality craftsmanship that functions well and stands the test of time.

Individually Misco’s team of staff boast specialist strengths that collectively carry across the board to meet these demands and more.

The imminent completion of a brand new, 3,500 square metre purpose-built showroom and factory in Kaiapoi is proof that Misco’s ability to actualise clients’ dream kitchens is in hot demand.

The whole team is heavily involved in the completion of its new headquarters. They are completing all their own joinery – because, they say, if you want a job done right you do it yourself – as well as throwing ‘paint parties’ to simultaneously complete the paint work while having fun developing company culture.


Kitchens and carpentry of the finest craftsmanship

Misco was founded out of one man’s desire to produce quality kitchen carpentry for his peers and this remains a distinguishing factor of the company today.

Growth has happened organically and while still specialising in the concept to completion of new kitchens, Misco also constructs cabinetry and joinery for wardrobes, laundries, studies and offices as well as additional joinery options.

“Our team loves the German-made Hafele hardware range for its robust and trustworthy nature. All of the board we use to manufacture product is from the top of the line, moisture-resistant Aqualine range, and our stylish laminate and stone bench tops are well priced,” director Glenn Colenso says.

“Quality at an affordable price is our core belief.”

But crafting quality product is only half the equation; the other half being the product’s design and functionality for its intended use within its intended space.

Herein lies Misco’s point of difference: the team prides itself on being able to make sense of client’s wishes and transform them into functioning works of art that outlast their use.


Subdivisions growing in popularity

A growing percentage of Misco’s client base is made up of those living or buying in subdivisions.

Marketing manager Penny Abell says there are many reasons why subdivisions are a popular choice for Canterbury homeowners today.

First and foremost, houses in subdivisions are new; clean, manicured, well insulated, well ventilated and safe – built to meet all postquake compliance standards.

Additionally, a new residence gives homeowners freedom of choice when it comes to design. Misco works with clients to incorporate their ideas from scratch, or making modifications without the fear of exposing the bones of an old house and the consequences that might come with it.

Subdivisions in Canterbury are generally well situated and relatively reasonably priced to buy and live in and therefore particularly appeal to the demographics of first homebuyers, families, retirees and foreign nationals. This neighbourly make-up gives subdivisions a highly desirable community feel, but one that respects privacy.


A little bit of history

Misco Joinery has been perfecting the art of carpentry since 1988. Specialising in the design and manufacture of kitchens, laundries, wardrobes and study areas, it has become a familiar name in the regions of Christchurch, north and south Canterbury and the West Coast of the South Island.


The Misco process


Misco personalises each and every client’s journey.

It endeavours to meet even the most unique of clients’ requests, but it’s also pragmatic and advises clients when an idea is going to be more expensive, difficult or impractical than envisioned; however this doesn’t mean it won’t still produce the solution if it’s what the client wants.

For the full concept to completion service, which typically takes approximately 12-16 weeks, various steps are followed for a smooth and hassle-free process:


STEP ONE: Look and learn

Misco encourages clients to begin by simply observing and understanding how their families really use the given space; writing down their routines for the week gives them an accurate snapshot of the nature and amount of time spent in the space, what’s working and what’s not.


STEP TWO: Meet with the designer

“Our designers are well accustomed to interpreting client’s wishes and illustrating them in 2D. They encompass clients’ lifestyles with their expertise in spatial planning to deliver a detailed design where clients will be at ease maximising the use of the space.”


STEP THREE: Comprehensive quote

“Working off floor plans or measuring on site, our designers discuss all the available solutions and provide a competitive quote that delivers customised solutions to budget. Included in this quote is 3D CAD drawings of the layout.”


STEP THREE: Sign off

Director Michael Chernishoff will meet with you once you are completely happy with the design, colours and quote, to sign off before the manufacturing of your design can begin. Michael will give you details of when your solution will be manufactured and the date for installation.


STEP FOUR: Manufacturing

Everything is manufactured at Misco’s on-site factory using both the latest computerised equipment and doing things by hand; ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Your design will be fully completed on site, assembled and ready for installation. Step five: Installation Misco’s team of experienced installers will install your new joinery efficiently, paying stringent attention to the smallest detail.

The company was established on strong principles, as a family owned and operated enterprise between carpenter and current director, Michael Chernishoff, and his father, who took pride in hand crafting products from scratch to completion.

Today Misco Joinery intends to keep things that way, and has added to the company’s capabilities the value of modern technologies, like using automation for tasks such as cutting to produce an even smoother, more precise finish, and in quicker time.

Misco Joinery understands that no business stands alone and it would like to make note of the close working relationships it shares with the following names on these pages: Anthony Shearer, Rheel Group, Arkay Benchtops, Stefano Orlati, Heritage Hardware, Taymac and Marbello.

Misco Joinery, 80 Mairehau Road, Marshlands, Christchurch.
Ph: (03) 383 4384,


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