It’s All in the Detail


It is the little details that add luxury and functionality to a kitchen; lifting it from good to great.

Soft close drawer mechanisms are one of those little details which can’t be seen but can be felt in the quality and standard of the design.

They can be found in most high-end kitchens today and now many homeowners are beginning to retrofit soft close hinges into kitchens which are still in great shape, but have worn hinges.

There is a range of soft close drawer mechanisms available today at kitchen and hardware stores. They normally include a hinge, hinge cover or buffer, which slows the close of
the drawer.

A typical soft close drawer can be pushed back normally until it reaches the last portion of closure, then the soft close mechanism kicks in. The drawer will slow immediately and then close gradually and silently.

The advantage of this feature ensures that drawers shut smoothly and quietly preventing the drawer from being slammed loudly against hinges and fixtures. Plus it is impossible to shut fingers in the drawer, which is great if you have children.

The soft close feature will also go a long way to maintain the standard of cupboards and the longevity of the kitchen, because it will help prevent stress on the on the hinges and the hinge plates, extending the life of the kitchen.

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