It’s All in the Design


What does it take to build a home that performs at its best? A sustainable, energy efficient, healthy and practical home. A home that you are going to love and it will love you back.

Harakeke Consultants director Claudia Kaltenstadler says it’s really quite simple – find a good architect.

If this is the sort of home you are after, an architect is going to be your most valuable tool.

“We need to work together with architects more than ever, especially if you want sustainability and energy efficiency,” Claudia says.

We have a lot of new products on the market that are essential to sustainability and energy efficiency and their performance is often underestimated.

“It’s the other extreme to what we are used to, we are now overheating our homes,” says Claudia.

Utilising the sun (especially the orientation of the sun or positioning) is essential but our homes need to have adequate shading, by way of eaves or other alternative solutions, to keep them comfortable the whole year round.

A lot of architects have access to specific software to read the sun’s projection throughout the different seasons and during the course of the day. With this knowledge they can design your home to make the most of this free resource.

On top of designing a home to perform at its best, architects can specify every product used, guaranteeing sustainable and non-toxic materials. You can even specify the weather tightness and air tightness of every home, to reduce the air changes per hour, which is beneficial to the client to save energy costs.

Sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be.

Claudia and her team at Harakeke Consultants have extensive knowledge on good design practice and the best products for the job. They offer a free step by step service and put you in contact with the right architects and builders specifically suited to your build. Ultimately weeding through all the nonsense so you don’t have to.

Before you have even decided on a section her team can take you through the entire process, all you need is a budget, which they will help you stick to.

Their mission is to get New Zealanders into drier, warmer, and cost-efficient homes and they have the know-how to make it happen for you.


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