Insulated garage doors



If your garage door is not insulated, it could quite conceivably be the biggest source of heat loss from your home. This is why Christchurch based company, Conqueror International Ltd, produces New Zealand’s most thermally efficient garage doors.

“Other garage doors on the New Zealand market don’t even come close to providing the insulating benefits of Conqueror garage doors,” the company says.

So it’s little wonder Conqueror doors are the garage doors of choice for an increasing number
of Cantabrians.

Why are Conqueror garage doors so thermally efficient?
At the heart of every Conqueror garage door is a highly effective insulating product named PIR (polyisocyanurate). This is the special ingredient that puts the word “optimum” in Conqueror garage doors.

Just how thermally efficient are Conqueror garage doors?
Energy efficiency is indisputably a key advantage of this superior insulation product.  The PIR core in Conqueror garage doors is reputed to be 50 percent more thermally efficient than other insulation products used by other manufacturers.

How important is it to have an insulated garage door?
How important is it to be warm and have a lowered power bill? The fact is, if your garage door is not insulated, it could quite conceivably be the biggest source of heat loss from your home. A Conqueror insulated garage door will noticeably reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home by creating a thermal barrier which will keep the cold out and the heat in.

How high is the price of these garage doors with insulation of such high repute?
A Conqueror garage door is typically only a few hundred dollars more than a traditional, single-skin steel door. With the potential savings made on power bills, the price difference becomes even less significant.

Energy efficiency aside, are there other reasons for selecting Conqueror garage doors?
Conqueror products are durable and cost-effective and their PIR insulation systems exceed
fire safety regulations.  Conqueror are also the only manufacturer that offers at no extra cost, white powder coated tracks and hardware.
How do I arrange a measure and quote?
Simply look in the Dealer section of our website and contact your nearest accredited installer. The measure and quote is a simple and speedy process and comes with absolutely no obligation to purchase.


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