Inside out


Bringing the outdoors in is a rising trend in bathroom design – be it a large window framing lush green foliage, a glass door or louvres opening to the garden or, in this case, a bathroom opening completely to a pond, courtyard or patio.

Ok, so this last one is admittedly the dream option, but the
key to achieving the look, irrespective of the size of the view, is to keep the interior of
the bathroom uncluttered.

Smaller bathrooms in particular will benefit from ‘visual trickery’ whereby wall hung fixtures, such as vanities and toilets, create the illusion of more space and ‘dead space’ (such as a tight corner) is used for storage, keeping toiletries and clutter out of sight.

For those with space, a freestanding sculptural bath is a must have and Kohler’s Escale brings just the right shape and proportions to the mix.

It is available as either a conventional bath or with bubble massage technology, where thousands of bubbles filled with warm air are released from concealed air jets.

For those with limited space Kohler has a number of conventional built-in baths offering the same bubble massage technology.

Practically speaking though, the open plan mode is really only viable in a larger scale room – but whatever the space, choose a multifunction shower that can pamper tired bodies and aching muscles with a strong massage spray or a refreshing, restorative deluge of water.

Kohler Escale freestanding bath: $2,553
Kohler Escale freestanding bath with BubbleMassage: $3,339
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