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Each of the seasons is unique in what it offers – be it weather, produce, lifestyle choices and more – but spring is even more unique in that it signals new beginnings and is perhaps the most popular time when it comes to updating the home.

Freshen up your abode this season with the latest looks for spring/summer 2017/2018.


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Green with envy

Green reflects nature and balance and what better time to celebrate this combination than the season of renewal and new beginnings. Whether it’s through indoor plants, dark green wallpapers, lounge suites or bright green rugs and throws, green will be all around and showcased in all kinds of ways.

For the more restrained homeowners, fear not: the subtle hues of dusky pinks and blues remain popular, as does black kitchen and bathroom hardware placed alongside white for a classic colour combination.

Texture talks 

Texture encourages touch and engagement and is an excellent way to introduce a change of style whilst keeping your home feeling warm and inviting.

Terracotta, cork and plywood are materials we’ll see more of this summer, not only in exterior settings but also incorporated indoors. Velvet is the big winner when it comes to textured upholstery.

70s sleek 

NZ House and Garden art director Richard Brunton predicts a resurgence of 70s flair – but it won’t be the macramé and clashing flower prints iconic of the period taking stage, rather the more glamorous influences of brass, Lucite, clean finishes, textures and attention to detail.


Translated from its Swedish origin it means “just the right amount” and it’s a theory that pays tribute to relaxed minimalism.

It emphasises a ‘simple, sustainable and balanced lifestyle that bleeds into personal design and fashion choices’.


There are multiple cool lighting choices sharing centre stage this season.

The love affair with au natural continues, with authentic materials and aged, handcrafted designs proving popular alongside geometric designs, feature lamps and super-sized styles.


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Levels and layers

Add depth, create privacy and initiate new entertaining spaces by introducing layers and levels. Greenery works as an excellent divider, as do steps and pavers for leading to a new setting.

Hardwearing materials 

Concrete and other hardwearing materials continue to reign supreme as they are perfect for withstanding the elements year-round.

There is definitely a move towards large, grandiose natural stone on home exteriors, and when it comes to preferred stone colouring – light to white.

Statement doors

Statement front doors continue to be popular as people become increasingly open to displaying more personality, according to this years’ Auckland Home Show.

Glass or iron front doors indicate style from first glance and let in a lot of natural light at your entranceway.

Trim colours

Accent colours add an extra layer of bravura to a home’s exterior. Trims are typically applied to front doors, shutters or window trims and should strive to enhance the siding colour and add character to the home.

The top accent colours for 2017 include black lacquer, deep blues and greys, however the trim colour is best a couple of shades lighter than the siding colour.

Brass continues to be popular for trims and finishes, and copper guttering is a luxurious exterior touch that is also on trend.

Tile it to me 

We love tiles for their practicality but recent advances in inkjet printing technology have revolutionised the tile industry and designers worldwide have let their imaginations run wild.

From brick to stone; to wooden to metallic; to textured/3D tiles, New Zealand certainly feels the effects of the tile industry’s newfound creative freedom, with an impressive range of tiles to choose between this spring/summer season.


By Lydia Truesdale 


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