Hot heating options

By Davina Richards

Fireplaces remain an important household feature and are available in a range of strong designs, so you can be creative with your project whatever your lifestyle or environment.

Electric, gas or wood, there’s nothing quite like the warmth, glow, crackles and smells of a fireplace you can cosy up to in winter. They are the ideal focal point of a room where you can gather friends and family to savour a meal, a drink and engage in conversation in a relaxing atmosphere, no matter what the day or night compels.

In almost every new home design there is always time spent on placement of a new fireplace and they don’t have to be placed in a particular room. Commonly, they are used in a living room, but you can also expect to find them in dining rooms, master suites, foyers, outdoor areas and even kitchens. Consider the main purpose of your chosen fireplace and decide on where to place it in your home.

The overall cost of a fireplace depends on your choice of variable features. There is a large spectrum of materials, designs and heating options which will inevitably cause a rise and fall in your budget. Work out exactly what you want to determine where you can save money and achieve the desired look.


Vintage charm, rustic elegance, English country, mid-century modern, retro, are among the many attractive styles and designs out there.

Depending on how you want to utilise your space, there are three placement options: inbuilt, wall-mounted and freestanding.

Inbuilt fireplaces offer that streamlined integrated appearance and come in all different sizes, shapes, heights and widths. You can play around with ideas for the surround so you can incorporate storage or add shelving to display items. If you decide to have a wood burning fireplace, it’s a good idea to have a spot to store logs or fireplace tools.

Freestanding fireplaces stand out as a piece of art as well as functioning as a primary source of heat. They suit any home as they can be placed anywhere in a room to provide light and warmth wherever you wish.

Wall-mounted fireplaces are a new age design which don’t need a chimney. A stunning choice in many new homes, they are practical, do not obstruct your space and are not a hassle to clean up.

Before you seal the deal meditate on whether your chosen fireplace will be enough to heat the size of your room. Consider the size and power of your fireplace to guarantee heat stretches to all four corners of a room.

For comfort and necessity in a home, incorporate a beautiful fireplace into your home. There’s nothing nicer than to shake off your winter boots and enter a warm environment with a soothing ambience flowing through a home.

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