Hope on the horizon

Jono-colourBy Jonathon Taylor


Last October a couple of friends came to stay in my humble slice of shaken paradise.

Being their first visit to Christchurch since our series of little run-ins with Mother Nature, they were naturally quite taken aback at the scale of destruction.

No matter how instant, wide spread or intensive the media coverage of a natural disaster might be, no screen can convey the mind bending scale of the energies involved. For that you need to see it for yourself – that’s when reality sinks in.

And a powerful reality it was; one accentuated all the more so by their host’s resigned acceptance of scenes so obviously shocking to the newly introduced. There is nothing quite like being confronted by one’s own indifference. Familiarity does seem to breed contempt, whether you want it to or not.

But among all this, one comment they made really did hit home. “Everyone in Christchurch just looks beaten up.” Yup, there’s nothing quite so brutal as the truth.

However, last October now seems a long time ago and I seriously doubt garden city dwellers are nearly so weary.

We’ve seen 14 months without a damaging earthquake and passed, with solemn remembrance, February’s two year milestone.

New buildings are popping up all over the shop and it won’t be too long before the no-go zone is gone and we reclaim our city centre. I do believe that, over there, is hope we see on the horizon.

So we’ve got a bit of a green theme going on in this issue; the colour of harmony, energy and new beginnings – perfect for a place with everything to look forward to.

The mayor makes a visit to talk about these new beginnings and what lies ahead, and we investigate how a little colour injection can work wonders. Interior designer Ingrid Geldof shares a couple of trade secrets and, if you’re interested, we’ve still got that $25,000 cold hard cash for you to spend on your home – so as they say, you’ve got to be in to win.

And be sure to keep an eye out for issue three where we turn our attention to the new and improved world of retro inspired design.

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