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br14-44Undercover Duvet

Every inch of this mint and grey duvet cover shouts “look at me” all the while compelling you into a warm and cosy bed you would gladly get lost under to avoid the daily grind. The lines and angles are reminiscent of paper folds and the grey piping trim detail completes this enticing slumber accessory.

RRP: King $239, Queen $209, King single $189, Single $159


br14-45 Kreafunk Agroove speaker

This compact wireless speaker is soft on the edges with a smooth personality. Its sleek design compliments any home or office décor and is small enough to be packed away for music anywhere, any time when you’re on the road. It comes in black, white and dusty pink and has a playback time of up to 24 hours so can last the night and day.

RRP: $159


br14-46Design Denmark Stingray Chair

A signature lounge chair can be a sweet addition to any room. This eye-catching almost futuristic interpretation of the classic rocking chair is by Fredericia at Design Denmark and can be used both inside and out. Built for comfort, it accommodates a variety of sitting positions, perfect for lazing in the garden or in the house.

RRP: Prices start from $4,419


br14-43Ruggie alarm clock

The Ruggie is designed to stop late risers ‘losing to the snooze’. The memory foam rug will sound an alarm of your choice (downloadable from your computer via USB) and won’t turn off until you have stood on it for three seconds. The best part is it won’t sound off again because there is no snooze button! Currently a Kickstarter project, but interest is such they’ll be hitting bedroom floors in no time.

RRP: US$79


screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-6-07-57-pmDuffel Ottoman by Tim Webber Design

Much like the classic drawstring duffel bag that it’s inspired by, the Duffel Ottoman’s design features, paired with its wool-felt fabric, create a strong sense of quality and workmanship. The rope handles and leather accents allow for easy movement of the ottoman, making it great for collaborative spaces and open plan environments.

RRP: $1,550

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