Growing pains

By Davina Richards

Bouncing babies quickly turn into waddling toddlers and then hormonal teenagers, whose tastes come and go much like their favourite pop act. So it’s important to decorate their room to match the turning times.

Time flies, so by thinking ahead you’ll save yourself from having to redecorate every couple of years, which can be expensive and time consuming.

Here are some top tips to make sure your design will last beyond the years to come.

Back to basics

A theme in a bedroom can look fabulous, but try not to over do it. It’s easy to get carried away with fancy wallpaper, lighting fixtures and decorations, but children grow up fast and that SpongeBob SquarePants wallpaper won’t be age-appropriate in a couple of years.

Remember that most kids don’t really care or appreciate designer brands, so keep it simple. You can still be create a sense of style by using different designs, patterns, textures and colour, without the brand names and going over budget.


Consider giving your child the biggest bedroom in the house – if it’s possible to do so. Although a baby doesn’t use much space, as they get older the room will be filled with more and more items. A good way of keeping the rest of your home free from chaos is by keeping everything in their room.


Choose quality furniture which comes in neutral tones, such as wood, or white, which is suitable for any theme and for a child at any age. Opt for a standard classic style, sturdy bed, which will be big enough and long enough for when little legs grow. Larger storage units are best, as their collection of clothes, toys, magazines, and bits and bobs mount up. Consider storage options, such as ottomans and benches with lids, to provide attractive hidden storage.


You’ll appreciate a blackout blind in your children’s room when your child comes running into your bed at the crack of dawn. Children need their sleep as much as you do. Install a blackout blind and include a dimmer switch which will provide suitable lighting whenever they need it. A blackout blind will block out daylight as well as being functional when children reach their teens.


Neutral tones may seem uninspiring and dull, but you can inject some colour by using accessories, such as throws, lamps, cushions, duvet sets and wall decals.

Accessories are a great inexpensive solution which will enhance a room and can be changed whenever it needs to be.

Wall to wall

You might cringe at the thought of your daughter pinning posters of Justin Bieber onto the walls you painted with love, but as children grow, so do their tastes.

Instead of using bold bright colours, choose neutral colours for the walls and accessorise with colour to brighten the room. Not only will a lighter shade of colour as the main backdrop of the room last until adulthood, it will make a room appear larger and help to promote sleep.

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