Great Interiors Reflect Who Live There


Designing a home is such a personal venture.

The houses that we live in range from those we have rented and those we have owned, those we love and those we couldn’t wait to leave. Some are small, others are bigger, renovation was required on some whereas on others less so.

Each of the homes we have lived in has a different feel and a different style – however, what all of these spaces have in common is their role in sheltering us and our life stories.

In each of our homes there are memories, some significant and others just the daily snapshots into our lives, but together these memories make up who we are and the lives we have led.

While a house provides a place to gather, it is also our haven where we can express our feelings and experience important and meaningful occasions that create our individual lives.

Therefore, I strongly believe that a home provides the canvas on which we can illustrate who we are – our story. Your home should look like you (even if you use an interior designer) and incorporate your history, perhaps mementoes from travels, items passed on from relatives, and cheesy objects from childhood.

As an interior designer, I believe my role is to take your history and stories, and filter them through my knowledge of design concepts and sources to create the very best possible version of your taste.

There are some amazing new fabrics being released from the international fabric houses that are perfect for feature cushions and soft furnishings.

We have been busy sourcing beautiful homeware and giftware for Feather & Oak Interiors for the change in season and adding some new focal pieces into your home is another option to refresh a space.

I absolutely love collaborating with clients, creating a vision for what their home could be and seeing this come to life – this is why I created Feather & Oak Interiors!

I wish to encourage you on your journey to create a home and a life that you love.

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By Katy Husband

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