Great gateways

Sometimes we underestimate the power of an attractive front door. It’s one of the first things we notice when we drive or walk by a house.

A simple way to create a great first impression is to smarten the gateway to your humble abode so family, friends and guests are greeted with a front door which says ‘you’re welcome here’.
Doors can be easily used as a statement of style and design. Whether you’re buying a new door or giving your existing one a face lift, a splash of new paint and a little attention to details such as door knockers, knobs, house numbers, decals (yes, this works just as well on a door as it does on your interior walls), will make a big difference to your entryway. Just be sure that it’s in keeping with the style of your home and the size of the house.
Just like how hair frames the face, your front door’s surrounding area needs a little attention too. Spruce up the entrance by framing your door with beautiful greenery, such plants, sidelights, door mat and bell for those little details which goes a long way.
Share your door reveal with family, friends and guests. Your style will soon stretch beyond the front gate to the neighbourhood too.

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