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Contractors with a passion for helping property investors make smart renovation decisions.

Greg McCourt and Jo Hopkinson met in the chaotic days of the earthquake repairs and quickly recognised in each other a commitment to detail, and the ability to engage with property owners to get the result from their investment that owners are looking for.

They’ve worked together now since 2012 and GJ Solutions Group offer a one stop shop for renovations, from design and building through to painting, carpet, vinyl and concrete driveways and paths.

Jo says “we start with a meeting with the property owner on site and the first things we ask the owner are, ‘what do you want out of this renovation? Do you want to maximise your rent? Are you going to sell? Are you selling now or in a year? What are your sales price goals?’

“Once we know the answers to these questions, we work with the owners to design a scope for the project”.

The rental market in Christchurch has become increasingly competitive in the last few years, so it has become more and more important for rental property owners to keep upgrading their properties.

The most commonly asked question by investors, Jo says, is ‘how can I maximise rental returns and get the best tenants?’

“Often it can mean more light through the windows, fresh curtains, a change in paint colour, an exterior house cleansmall things that make a world of difference.

“Sometimes we’ll put in a new kitchen bench but reuse the same aluminium countertop. Maybe one or two windows need replacing, but the rest are just fine. We can also do the underfloor insulation as per the new requirements, there is not much we do not do.”

GJ also recommend all property owners have a professional inspect their previous earthquake repairs to make sure they were done correctly. More often than not there may be items ignored, like piles and floor levelling, and the quality of the plastering and painting should always be checked.

Val Williams from Strowan offers this testimonial.

“Jo’s experience dealing with the complex EQC system took us on a successful repair journey.

Jo had EQC on site, the correct payout was received and all work completed in six months.

We also worked with Greg and Jo to do a few extra upgrades. The house then sold immediately.

“Greg is the onsite project manager who works alongside their master builder. Greg really understands residential investment and has appropriate cost effective recommendations.

“Their charges are extremely competitive. We have enjoyed working with them, showing respect for our tenants and good quality workmanship.”

For further information contact Jo Hopkinson 022 314 0618


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