Getting creative with glass

getting creative

When it comes to glass in the home we immediately think of windows, but glass can come in a wide range of forms to help you enhance your home, whether it be with splash backs, tiles, dining tables, a bathroom vanity, counter tops or decorative
style statements.

Glass is great at reflecting light, illuminating surfaces and naturally drawing light into your home. It possesses an executive styling element which can be paired with any material to offer modern detail and enhance your space.

Because glass can be transparent, opaque, frosted, tinted, stained, patterned etc you can create an interesting, sophisticated, or textured look to suit your home or style. Glass wall partitions are dramatic, functional and
create privacy.

No matter how much or how little you use it you can’t really go wrong; assuming you have no young children. Make sure to counteract the ‘coldness’ of glass with fabrics and other soft furnishings.

You will find an abundance of inspiration from interior and architecture sites, as well as online websites including Pinterest. How will you breathe new life into your home?

Get creative with glass:

•    Turn glass bottles into lighting pendants
•    Turn old light bulbs into oil lamps
•    Drill holes into a wooden fence or gate and insert coloured glass marbles. They’ll cast beautiful colours when the sun shines on them
•    Turn a mason jar into a flower vase, grow herbs in them, or add a candle and hang from a strong tree branch.

How to use glass:
•    Splash backs
•    Tiles
•    Furniture
•    Bathroom vanity
•    Counter top
•    Vases
•    Glass domes
•    Partition walls
•    Wardrobes
•    Balustrades
•    Pool fences
•    Staircases
•    Shelving
•    Sculptures/art
•    Lights
•    Mirrors.

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