Fusing Function and Enduring Style


A home that is ergonomically at ease with its owner is a home that can be both a relaxing and revitalising respite; a place for family and friends to come together, share, unwind or refresh.

Ingrid Geldof, through her company Ingrid Geldof Design, endeavours to achieve this for each and every client.

With over 34 design awards, you could say that Christchurch-based kitchen and bathroom design guru Ingrid Geldof and her team are unparalleled at helping people achieve utter satisfaction with and within their homes.

Ingrid holds an honours in interior design, dabbled in kitchen design and sales for about a decade, and for the past 25 years has kept busy running her own design company, Ingrid Geldof Design (IGD). She works closely with her Queenstown-based co-designer, Rachel Barnes to provide easy to live in spaces, throughout the country.

Probably unlike most of us, Ingrid always took pride in the look and feel of her bedroom as a child.

“Having a flair for space, planning and the technical aspects of design, kitchen and bathroom design was a logical choice of career,” Ingrid says.

Ingrid was born in New Zealand but is well-travelled abroad, particularly throughout Europe. She gathers insights into the way other cultures live, the way they use their spaces and the types of designs they use, and takes this into account when offering innovative, efficient design ideas to her clients.

“Not everyone wants grand design however, we believe everyone wants good design, which is when all the elements – architecture, exterior landscape, interior spaces, materials and finishes – of the home come together to form one unified space which, foremost, functions easily and provides delight for the inhabitants,” she says.

“Many clients rediscover their love of cooking by having a new IGD kitchen.”

Since establishing IGD in 1992, Ingrid and her team have designed over 3,000 residential and commercial home spaces. They cater to a variety of design requests, looks, feels and trends and have quite the grasp on which innovations harmonise with which needs.

“Clients are starting to look at more compact, well-organised homes. In that, utilising all the spaces efficiently and not having massive areas which need to be heated and furnished unnecessarily.

“Use of natural materials and awareness of sustainable and eco-friendly products is also more common. This suits IGD as we specialise in this kind of efficiency.”

It comes as no surprise that over 75 percent of IGD’s clients are repeat clients.

Some require IGD’s specialist services in new home assessment, multi-unit residential homes, renovations and all joinery design.

Having been chairperson of the board for the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) since 2001, before becoming president for two years, has made Ingrid more aware of how important it is to have industry organisations.


“Sometimes as a member you don’t realise what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that your industry is a vital part of the economy. That it has a good reputation and the future is secure.

“The NKBA is vital in the education of many new kitchen and bathroom designers, working with Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) to provide diploma and soon, degree courses.

“It’s been an honour to lead an organisation which has made a difference to so many members,” Ingrid says.

Ingrid’s involvement there means IGD and its clients are at the forefront of the industry, among the first to know about any changes to the industry or even just trends.

As for the future design trends of kitchens and bathrooms, Ingrid predicts the use of natural and sustainable materials will remain for some time to come and interactive technology will continue to be incorporated.

“Trends tend to come and go however what we at IGD strive for is enduring design.

“We are building in sound systems all operated by Bluetooth into kitchens and bathrooms, using the cabinetry as the speaker boxes. We are incorporating hot spot areas onto bench tops for charging your cell phones.


“Appliances are going more towards being connected to your WI-FI so they can be controlled remotely. Touch to open, soft -close drawer technology is now being used frequently, but it is essential that you use reliable, top end brands to ensure you receive products which are easy to use and will not break down.”

One of New Zealand’s most awarded design companies, IGD fuses function with enduring style to provide clients with a warm, welcoming home which works with ease.


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