BR16-33Flyte Lyfe Planter

The ‘Jetson’ lifestyle might be further behind than pop culture predicted, but it doesn’t have to feel so if you surround yourself with intelligent, inspired products like this levitating plant by Flyte.

RRP: From $249



Cirque Bluetooth Mirror

The Cirque bathroom mirror allows for a morning routine like no other. It boasts a sleek, contemporary design where the frame functions dually as a shelf, and it comes complete with LED backlights, an in-built demister and Bluetooth functionality.

RRP: From $899



Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Imagine being able to order your groceries, connect with your family and entertain like never before, all through your fridge; because now you can. Samsung’s Family Hub™ refrigerator has a WiFi-enabled touch screen designed to keep up with your family and make life that little bit easier and more enjoyable.

RRP: From $9999



Wynd Personal Air Purifier

Wynd’s Personal Air Purifier is marketed as the smartest air purifier for your personal space and it works to create a bubble of clean air around you by filtering out dust, allergens, smoke and pollution. It’s compact which means it’s portable and easy to use anywhere.

RRP: From $199


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