Fredom Furniture Floor Light

Sleek, stylish and elegant, this floor light offers a beautiful lighting solution for your living room. Combing a striking tripod design with tapered legs that allow light to filter around the piece, this light will enhance your current decorating scheme without taking the spotlight.

RRP: $319


Attica Sofa in Union Caramel

When you get home at the end of a long, hard day, you want to sink into a chair that’s worthy of your respite. Handsome, sophisticated and supple to the touch, Attica is your licence to chill. The hand-tufted bench seat sits deep and long on steel-sprung suspension for the ultimate lounging indulgence.

RRP: $2999


Fizzics Beer Dispenser

Simply place a can or bottle of beer into the Waytap system, pull the handle forward and pour the beer under pressure at a controlled rate to maintain the carbonation. Push the handle backwards to begin the ‘sonication’ process, for enhanced aroma and flavour.

RRP: US$199.99


Slinky Sofa Table

The Slinky Sofa Table is designed to wrap around the arm of any given couch and provide users with a stable table at their fingertips. So sit back, sip up and relax with this ingeniously simple NZ design that’s catching on across the globe.

RRP: $34.95


Hurom H22 Cold Press Juicer

The Hurom H22 is ‘whisper quiet’, BPA free and guaranteed to produce the highest yield of any slow juicer on the market. If there’s one juicer that should sit on your bench, it’s this.

RRP: $2195


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