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Among all the appealing trends available to us, the food, fashion and travel industries influence the interior of a home.

By Ann-Marie Appleton

The key is to adopt one or two trends to keep stylish and modern, but don’t adopt them all – just like you wouldn’t wear all the ‘on trend’ fashions and accessories all in one go – ‘less is more’ so the tried and true saying goes.

Colour is back, big time – while neutrals will always remain popular, colour is making a huge impact in home interiors.

On trend colours for 2014 are:
Blue – blue is very huge – from the pastel blue, reliable teal to indigo, everybody appears to be ‘doing’ blue. Blue and white is a strong combination and suits many interior settings and is relatively easy to use and more importantly, get right. Yellow and green – pair with greys and taupes.

Floral patterns are massive too – in
both fabric and wallpaper. Match bold,
floral cushions on a neutral couch to add instant impact.

Textures – layer them throughout the space; it adds a visual and tactile interest.
Patterns are in – think African, animal print, metallics, which can be incorporated in rugs throws, cushions and curtains.

Kitchens – off-white and timber kitchens are always popular, now add a splash of colour!

The easiest way of course is to use a coloured splash back, but 2014 glass splash backs now include vivid imagery and can make a statement on their own.

Choose one element to highlight so you don’t overwhelm the space. Wall tiles now come in some fabulous colours and textures, and are being used by bolder clients.

‘Hiding’ the kitchen means hiding appliances and storage to create smooth clean surfaces. Induction hobs are one of the main trends in kitchen appliances.

Textures and stylish colours compensate for the simplicity.
Bathrooms are often neglected. Gone are the days when having a clean and tidy bathroom was more than enough. We are seeing a return to sleek sophisticated bathrooms – think ‘spa at home’.

The master ensuite now features luxury items such as freestanding baths, waterfall showers, statement pieces in taps and glass basins. Streamlined and tactile, some pieces literally want you to run your hands over them. These often larger spaces are designed for relaxation and rejuvenation.


“The key is to adopt one or two trends to keep stylish and modern, but don’t adopt them all – just like you wouldn’t wear all the ‘on trend’ fashions and accessories all in one go – ‘less is more’ so the tried and true saying goes.”

The second bathroom for children and guests is usually smaller and more utilitarian. ‘Considered’ storage de-clutters the space and not only looks nicer and calmer, but is easier to keep clean and organised.

So take time to think about where/what you want to store here and what can be kept in the bedroom; close by if needed.

Large and ornate mirrors open up a space and bounce electric and natural light around. Selected pieces of furniture are finding their way into bathrooms – space permitting.

Wallpaper, dare I say it, can make a great impact in a bathroom – maybe safer to stick to a feature wall, in the best ventilated part of the room and not adjacent to baths/showers where moisture will accumulate. There are some amazing and original papers emerging from European designers which are easily available to order here in New Zealand.

Flooring – the top three criteria I hear from clients is that it needs to be durable, smart and feel good. There is plenty of carpet choice out there but maybe you want to consider something like ‘non toxic cork’ – environmentally friendly features are top trends for a greener 2014.

Vinyls improve all the time – some are not easily distinguishable from the original – ‘vinyl’ wood, stone or ceramic, can add an amazing feature for a fraction of the cost.

New trends emphasise practical use and attractive form – choose what works best for you and your lifestyle, but you have to love it too!


Ann-Marie Appleton is the director of interior design company Frobisher Interiors. She holds a diploma in interior design and is a member of DINZ.

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