Finishing Touches


By Laura Baker

If you haven’t already noticed, copper is ‘the’ design and building material right now. From lighting pendants, tapware, kitchen sinks and guttering – copper is everywhere.

But the design world’s current obsession with the shiny metal isn’t anything new. Copper has been used in the design and build of homes for thousands of years, quite literally. It can be traced back to the use in roofing and guttering in 27 BC when the roof of the Pantheon in Rome was covered in copper.

So, if you are in the process of designing your dream home or revamping your current abode, take a leaf out of the Romans’ book and install copper gutters.

Not only will it make a strong ‘on trend’ design statement, but it is also guaranteed to stay functional and fashionable for years to come.

Benefits of copper gutters:


While the initial cost of copper gutters is higher than other options on the market, over the lifetime of the product it is easily one of the most cost competitive options. The precious commodity is an investment that holds its value because of its natural chemical defence, which makes it extremely corrosion resistant. This means copper gutters will last the lifetime of a building, or longer. Once installed copper gutters can wear well in excess of 100 years.

Low maintenance

Unlike most other metal guttering systems, copper gutters will not require any painting or cleaning and virtually no maintenance other than the removal of debris.


The green coating that copper develops over time when exposed to the elements is called patina. Patina is a natural protective layer which makes copper extremely durable and resistant to corrosion damage and weathering. It also acts as a fungicide keeping moss and lichen growth at bay.


The pure natural material is one of the few materials that is fully sustainable and 100 percent recyclable.

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