Easy Access to Home Info


With many people using their weekends and downtime to get on with home maintenance or hunt out open homes, there’s an app that’s designed just for you.

App functionality includes the ability to:

  • Get all the information about your home in one place including: council value, estimated market value, property and house size, the decade the house was built and the materials it is built from
  • Get a personalised maintenance plan for your home
  • Personalise your maintenance plan further by adding tasks, notes and photos
  • Set up alerts so you don’t miss the basics e.g. checking smoke alarms
  • Quickly find businesses near you that can help with your maintenance plans by tapping into Rich Profiles
  • Easily contact the local services you need.

The free app retrieves the most up-to-date local council information about a property, including council value, estimated market value and the size of the property. It is also incredibly useful if you’re house hunting.

For home owners it also creates a personalised maintenance plan based on information specific to the house, so people can keep on top of caring for their most valuable asset. All you have to do is punch in the house address.

The app provides useful DIY tips on how and when to complete maintenance jobs.

Visit www.play.google.com/store/apps or www.itunes. apple.com/nz/app

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