Driveways, Corners and Curbs


If you are considering subdividing your land, something you may not have put much thought into are the road designs and access ways. These need to be considered during the early planning stages and, if done right, can increase its value.

Canterbury Kerb and Concrete managing director, Alan Judd has spent his entire working life perfecting the art of everything concrete and asphalt and has completed work on multiple large roading projects, residential subdivisions and many rural driveways and access ways.

He says simply by installing kerbing to road edges you can not only add to the value of a subdivision, but you enhance the longevity of both roads and driveways, resulting in no maintenance for at least 10 years.

Many things need to be considered when designing the layout of roads and access ways, including the number of sites in the area, expected traffic volume, storm water run-off and how it will integrate into the lifestyles of everyone in that area. Once these factors are determined the roads and access ways are created to suit those characteristics, in accordance with the local council authority guidelines and controls.

Not sure where to start? You wouldn’t be the only one, that’s why CKC can be involved from conception through to completion.

“We are happy to advise on ideas in planning and have recommendations for surveyors/ consultants and once approval is granted, our company will project manage the complete job and complete all the works,” Alan says.

The team at CKC specialise in all aspects of subdivision concrete. Masters of kerbing, pedestrian islands, traffic thresholds, roundabouts, driveways and all infill options- stamped or paved.

“CKC are the South Island’s trusted civil concrete contractors.”

They come highly recommended with many significant projects under their belt including the new pool complex in New Brighton – a significant pour that showcases the teams’ ability.

Clients appreciate the professionalism CKC show and the personal communication maintained throughout each project. The CKC website,, has many testimonials that can be viewed.

So, if you are considering subdividing your land, consider contacting the team at Canterbury Kerb and Concrete.

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