Designs to Maximise Kitchen Life


One of the most important goals in kitchen design is to make the most of the space available.

Organised, well-planned, fit-for-purpose storage can be achieved even in the smallest and the most cost effective kitchen – it all comes down to planning.

After studying kitchen use around the globe Austrian hardware manufacturer Blum puts its understanding of kitchens to work in developing its lift, hinge, drawer and inner dividing systems.

Kitchen zones or tasks are the first key consideration on your kitchen planning journey. We demand a lot from our contemporary kitchens, so breaking a kitchen down into five key zones will really give you an insight into if each zone has the right type and volume of storage. Consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation and cooking – which zones in your current kitchen work and don’t work for you?

Top tips for efficient storage:
Drawers, in cabinets below bench height, give you three accessible levels of storage. No more straining and bending to the back of cupboards

Gain volume and access by having inner drawers within your pantry, a Blum Space Tower can be any width from 275 – 1200mm

Wider drawers allow for 15 percent more space as well as being a cost effective solution

Full extension drawers with a greater depth can give you up to 30% more storage per drawer

Think about where you will place items, especially tall or heavy items such as appliances, oils and bottles. A narrow cabinet pull-out by your oven or preparation zone can give you spices and oils on hand.

Top tips for organisation:
High quality stainless steel Orga-line cutlery sets are hygienic and dishwasher safe. You can take the trays out individually to reconfigure or take to the BBQ

Add to your organisation – kitchens need cutlery and utensil divisions, but did you know you can add divisions to your Space Tower pantry, plastics drawer or your oil and bottle drawer?

Accessorize – Blum has a range of Orga-line kitchen accessories to neatly keep your kitchen functional. In the range – spice holders, plate holders, knife holders and film/foil dispensers.

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