Designs for Life


Sheppard and Rout Architects Ltd is recognised nationwide for its inventive, forward-thinking architectural designs that share a clever kinship with their immediate environment and maximise enjoyment of the space. 

Director Jasper van der Lingen details an exciting new era in Canterbury’s architectural landscape. 

The city is coming together in an exciting way. More and more developments are getting underway and being completed and eventually the road works will be complete as well – we can only but hope! 

The commitment and effort going into the design of Christchurch is evident for those that look closely. The major projects are mostly impressive, modern and large-scale, befitting a city of ambition that is looking forward to a bright future. 

Anyone who visits the impressive new Bus Exchange, shops in the retail areas – the BNZ Centre, ANZ Centre, The Crossing – or visits the hospitality areas of The Terrace development, Stranges Lane and many others will see this ambition. 

More impressive developments are on their way – the new library, the multiplex cinema complex in Colombo Street, the refurbished Town Hall are but a few. It will be a superb, modern, exciting city to live in. 

To look past the current sea of road cones, derelict gravelled sites and realise these are temporary reveals an exciting vision for the near future. To live close and amongst this is the next step for Christchurch residents. 

Apartment and townhouse developments are starting to occur and being proposed. The Atlas Quarter housing in Welles Street, the East Frame housing currently under construction, the Armagh Street high-rise apartments are only a few examples that should be the start of the increasing wave of interest. 

The perception of an unfinished and partly derelict city is holding back more residential developments, but for those with vision, now is the time to commit. 

Some of the residential developments are exciting with a range from the affordable through to very high-end apartments underway. It will be the final piece in the puzzle of the rebuild. To have people living, working, shopping and enjoying the inner city will turn us into the grand city that the ambition of the early constructions are promising. 

Cities with an authentic urban character all have people living at their heart, animating the bars, restaurants, shops, public spaces. 

It is starting – grand design proposals like those around Cranmer Square, and apartments, such as those proposed for Cathedral Square, are fulfilling the last promise to revitalise and create a new, exciting 21st century city we want to live in and be proudly part of. 


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