Delivering Form and Function


It doesn’t matter whether you’re renovating or building a new home, you want the finished article to look as good as possible, and to function perfectly.

And one area where this is vital is for your home’s joinery. Exterior and interior joinery are premium products, which require a level of protection to enhance the properties of the products. It is therefore important that you take your time in selecting who designs, manufactures and advises on care and maintenance.

This is why using a Registered Master Joiner is vital. Registered Master Joiners provide full consultation and design services for all joinery needs and work closely with other design professionals to ensure that the finished product looks and functions at its best.

National and regional members are kept up to date with the latest trends both in craft practice and business developments. Through its members, the New Zealand Joinery Manufacturers’ Federation is also a prime mover in the introduction of innovations and standards to the joinery industry.

Registered Master Joiners bring innovation to the joinery industry. They encourage competition and the pursuit of excellence between and from its members, their employees and apprentices.

What to look for in a joiner

As a joiner is capable of working within several different areas of the home, it is a good idea to have a chat with your joiner and see what things they specialise in.

For example, some joiners may work exclusively in cabinetry and shelving, while others may specialise in more decorative timber work such as architraves and mouldings. This is important as you want to hire a joiner that has a lot of experience in the particular area that you need. 

As well as this, you’ll also want to hire a joiner that can work to a reasonable time-frame and to a reasonable price. To achieve this, you’ll need to sit down with your joiner and tell
them all the details of your project. Once they know this, they’ll be able to accurately estimate the cost of the project as well as the time that it will take.

Whether renovating or rebuilding, don’t take a gamble with a major investment in your home – the best kitchens and cabinetry don’t just happen. It makes sense to consult a professional for the planning, manufacture and installation in your home.

Registered Master Joiners provide this certainty.

To find a Registered Master Joiner in your area, check out the website or contact the executive officer, Corinne Moore, for information. Call (06) 844 9954 or email:

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