Creating mood with lighting

By Davina Richards

Lighting can be used in a massive variety of ways – from decoration to opening up a room, or to draw attention to an object or living space to create a strong focal point.

A well thought out lighting plan will help you to bring a room together by creating different moods and tones suitable for each room.

To open up a room consider directional lighting which allows the light to reflect off light coloured walls, objects and surfaces. It makes a room appear larger as well as creating depth and texture by contrasting shadow and light. In a bigger room you may want to break up lighting to take advantage of the space you have.

Additionally, an easy way to change the atmosphere of a room is by opting for a dimmer switch. It gives you complete control over your lighting, enabling you to switch from bright to low lighting and everything in between.

Avoid using too many coloured lighting fixtures as this can overpower an environment and is unflattering to the ambience of your home and people’s colouring. Apply coloured lighting sparingly which is less intense and will enhance your space.

By working out what mood you want to create, use lighting as a design tool to complement your space and create an overall scheme which works in your home.

Going bare with bulbs

Stripped down to its simplest form is the light bulb; one of the world’s most useful and widely used inventions.
But these days light bulbs come in a wide range of styles, designs, luminosity, sizes and colours. Contemporary, classic, traditional or industrial, whatever your desired style, you’ll find something that matches your taste. Tear drop bulbs, plumen bulbs, industrial bulb pendants and suspension bulbs are just some of the many designs coming back into style.

Whether you choose a modern cluster of suspended light bulbs or oversized single light bulbs placed separately over a long dining table will make a big impact on your space and draw in the eyes of anyone who walks in.

One of the world’s simplest inventions modernised to make your room visually compelling.

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