Creating Great Spaces


Often in a busy home, it’s difficult to find a place that’s special to you, where you can get away from it all and unwind. Here are some of our best suggestions for creating that special place you can go when you need to.

1. A second or third bathroom with a bath

Bathrooms used to be strictly functional places where you spent as little time as possible, but all that has changed.

The latest and greatest bathrooms have all the accoutrements of luxury, including mood lighting, spa baths, massaging showers, aromatherapy and sometimes even fireplaces and TVs.

Best of all, they have locks on the doors so you can shut yourself away and, if you have more than one bathroom, shoo any interruptions away to another bathroom.



2. Chill out in your man cave

Not to sound sexist, but we’ve never come across a female equivalent to the term ‘man cave’. Our office thinks it could be a ‘femme den’ but whether you’re male or female, we’re simply talking about a personal space where you can do as you please.

3. Lose yourself in your kitchen

You may find this hard to believe, but a lot of people actually find cooking or baking to be therapeutic. We find it anything but, but who are we to argue if we get to sample the results of the therapy?

4. Shed your preconceptions about sheds

Sheds used to be where you kept the lawnmower or where you went when you were in trouble with your partner. They used to be draughty places with spiders.

Today they can be whatever you want them to be – studios, workshops, gyms, you name it.

Teenagers love the idea of taking their first step to independence by setting up in a building that’s separate from your home, so often the best way to gain back your own space is to build a sleepout or convert an existing shed into living space.



5. Extend-a-home

If you’ve got a multi-generational household, this home would be your ideal – a big home designed with separate wings for each different generation.

But if you’re like the rest of us, a simple home and deck extension like the one pictured, completed by our Christchurch West affiliate Gavin Gardener, might suffice to give you the breathing space you need.

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