Creating Great Kitchens

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A kitchen that flows like a work of art is one that has not only been designed and dressed well, but one that also prioritises effortlessly functioning hardware.

Kitchen and interior extraordinaire, Melanie Craig of the award-winning, Wanaka based Melanie Craig Design Ltd, specifies Blum products for just this reason.

“Kitchens for me are the control tower of the home. Your kitchen is where your day begins, where your children do their homework, where your grandchildren help you bake, where friends linger. It’s where your lifestyle unravels,” Melanie says.

“It’s not until you intensely study the area and the people habits do you truly understand the kitchen’s importance.”

Kitchens have certainly integrated themselves into our open plan living experience, and for Melanie, it’s paramount her clients have well-organised drawers that open without effort and close quietly.

“How frustrating is it when you are cooking your evening meal and you can’t find the wooden spoon and it starts to burn… you were calm, now you’re rushing, hunting high and low for your lost spoon.”

She adds that we are often found conversing with friends and family whilst endeavouring to cook dinner, prepare nibbles and the likes. Making things that little bit easier, no longer is it necessary for drawers to be unorganised, hard to open, or slam shut interrupting conversation.

Blum offers internal drawer organisation at its best. For Melanie the Ambia-Line is a standout. Boasting slim, minimalist design and diverse setting options, it’s flexible for many of her clients.

Another of Melanie’s go-to product lines is Blumotion – the soft-close system developed by Blum. With Blumotion, kitchen drawers close softly and effortlessly no matter how hard you slam fronts, doors or pullouts, or how heavy they are.

Melanie’s enviable eye for spatially-savvy design solutions results in unique spaces specific to the client and their needs.

She finds the Blum brand appreciates form and function as much as she does and, accordingly, Blum products perfectly harmonise and bring to life the kitchen havens she’s worked so hard to create for her clients. Melanie Craig LTD 40 Helwick Street 03 443 5312 Blum New Zealand

Melanie Craig LTD 40 Helwick Street 03 443 5312
Blum New Zealand


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